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How did I ever get along without it?

When it comes to keeping the beat you’re doing it all wrong. Metronomes, wearables and click tracks aren’t going to help you at all. When you think about it , a conductor has the right tool. But who carries a conductor and a baton in their pocket? Bartal Design Group’s revolutionary Visual Conductor is a portable conductor. Voila… fixed. A problem that’s been plaguing the music industry for decades have now been solved. We invite you to try the new Visual Conductor that has received rave reviews from industry Stars.

Imagine not having to listen to a click track ever again. Imagine, no matter how the tempo varies, being able to anticipate the next beat before it happens. Imagine overdubbing prerecorded tracks as easily as following a bouncing ball. Imagine leaving your headphones at home the next time you perform live with a sequence.

The Visual Conductor ®

The Visual Conductor ® is a unique MIDI device which displays the beat visually, eliminating reliance on audible cues (click tracks, etc). Imagine a live conductor with a light on the end of his baton.

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Thousands of performers have already joined the revolution and thrown away their click tracks. Our users come from all across today’s musical scene. Rock bands, film score composers, classical musicians, teachers, church organists, recording engineers, night club singers, home MIDI enthusiasts, musical theater conductors, and more have already discovered the visual way of keeping a musical performance together. Without headphones. Without annoying clicks and metronomes. Without hearing loss. Without missing a beat.

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